Soay Sheep, registered or not, British & American lines

Soay Sheep, registered or not, British & American lines

Each spring our Soay sheep mamas find a good hiding place and give birth to their babies, singles, twins or triplets.  Because of the small head, they seldom have birthing problems and we generally know they are giving birth because we don't see them for several days.  Once the babies are 3-6 months old, they are ready to go to their new home. Unless someone wants a breeding ram, we neuter our male lambs.  Neutered males & cull females are $150 - 200, cull rams are $250, breeding stock $250 - 350 [non-refundable deposits are required, especially for unneutered males].  Because Soay sheep are very strong herd animals, we recommend that you buy a pair unless you already have other sheep or similar animals.  If you are looking for a brush and lawn mower, these guys are great and very economical as well as cute.  You are always welcome to come out and see our mamas and babies, but please call first as we are not always home.


    While we have never had a dissatisfied customer, if you are not happy with your Soay lamb(s) please contact us immediately so we can resolve the problem.


    We normally do not ship our animals.  We are willing to deliver to areas near our farm and happy to have you come  an pick up your lamb(s)